Are you doing business in the traditional direction and want to find a new guide? Do you have a headache because the number of customers is decreasing, and the competition is increasing? So let me reveal that Facebook ads can help you troubleshoot the above problems. Through the article, let’s find helpful information about creating and managing Facebook ad accounts!

Ad accounts and things to know

What is an ad account?

An advertising account is formed based on a personal Facebook platform. But there will be no profile, and we will not be granted some interaction rights like personal Facebook. This account type was created to manage advertising campaigns and support media work primarily.

The ad account will operate separately from the personal account, allowing you to build, manage and evaluate advertising campaigns. Specifically, these include account management, providing advertising support tools, building and decentralizing the staff in the campaign, making payment for advertising costs, and a few other functions.

Learn about Facebook advertising accounts
Learn about Facebook advertising accounts

What is the ad account ID?

ID is an acronym for “Identification,” which means identification. Ad account IDs are a collection of numbers that help identify and identify accounts from each other. Each account will include an ID in the form of a number, ensuring that there is not any overlap between the IDs of the accounts.

Benefits of ad accounts with one campaign

Facebook always knows how to create the most optimal features for users. Ad accounts are no exception. Let’s find out what benefits Facebook has favored for this type of account!

  • Updated with the latest advertising features: This is the answer to why ad accounts can outperform individual Facebook in running ads more effectively.
  • Full management tools: Facebook provides users with various instruments for free. From there, it helps to measure and evaluate the campaign’s metrics, so you can make adjustments and improve the missing part of the ad.
  • Get help from Facebook Ads Team: Provide many advertising support tools, and reach customers. Facebook understands the diversity of each product item, and each category has its characteristics. Therefore, the supporting tool is also calculated to ensure the best fit.
  • Easy management and decentralization: An excellent choice for businesses when they can manage personnel, decentralize, add or remove the management apparatus. You can add 25 other people to your account management easily.

How to easily create an ad account on Facebook

Create a Facebook ad account
Create a Facebook ad account

There are many ways for you to create an ad account, but the following article will guide you on the fastest and safest way:

– In your account, select “Settings.”
– Select the “Payment” and “Account Settings” tags
– Then, choose more payment methods
– Fill in the following information:

  • Card number: The number series is printed on the card
  • Expiration month and year (Printed on the card)
  • Security code: Flip the card back and proceed to enter the last three numbers
  • Invoicing Zip Code: There will be a different ZIP code for each province. Where do you install the card, please enter the ZIP code there.

For example: If you are in Ho Chi Minh City and install a card, you can enter the ZIP code: 700000

– Finally, click save.

How to manage Facebook advertising accounts more simply?

Indeed you have encountered a situation where, despite trying, you cannot log into another profile in the same social service. Managing multiple accounts at the same time is sometimes inconvenient, can cause discomfort, and reduce work performance. So what is the solution to this problem?

Manage Facebook advertising accounts with Hidemium

Hidemium software allows users to manage multiple Facebook advertising accounts quickly and easily. Compared with browser plugins, Hidemium will enable you to switch between accounts and browser profiles on just one machine with many advantages such as:

  • Create multiple browsers with different operating systems, emulate IP,…
  • Use a separate proxy for each of your accounts.
  • Share access to your account without having to provide a password.
  • Create workgroups easily among members.
  • Prevent unauthorized access to existing accounts.
  • With just one click, Hidemium can make switching between multiple accounts a breeze.

Whether it’s a Facebook ad or a Google ad account, for each campaign, you need to create and manage multiple accounts simultaneously. Therefore, it is essential to install supporting software like Hidemium.