Hidemium is the best anti-browser software in 2023, overcoming many shortcomings. This tool is for those who need to use multiple accounts with different profiles on the same computer. These profiles are as independent as real users, separate in browser fingerprints: IP address, User-agent, proxy, cookies, time zone, language, media device, hardware, and more. Instead of having to invest in many computers, or use many virtual machines, now you can set it up all on one of your computers.

  • E-commerce platforms: Shopee, Lazada, or international floors Amazon, eBay, Etsy,v.v.
  • Social networking platforms, advertising: Facebook, Google, Tiktok, Instagram,v.v.
  • Electronic money

Anti-detect browser technology is synthesized and built by a team of excellent and experienced programmers. The application is regularly improved and upgraded to increase efficiency and optimal user experience.

Features of anti-detect browser Hidemium software

New Profile


Features when creating an account on Hidemium:

  • Profile name: Create a profile name (Hidemium automatically creates or you edit).
  • Save to Folder: Select the Folder to manage the Profile (Create Folders to manage account types).
  • Operating system: Support Operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android).
  • Browsers: Browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox).
  • Proxy settings: Select import proxy (supports HTTP, Socks 4, Socks 5, SSH types).
  • Timezone, WebRTC, Geolocation: Fingerprinting Timezone, WebRTC, and Geolocation based on external IP are automatically enabled. If automatic is disabled, you can manually reset each criterion in the next step.
New Profile


As the overview above, Hidemium supports a variety of proxies, including:

  • HTTP proxy: is a method of HTTP connection using IP emulation.
  • Socks 4 proxy: is a method of connecting socks 4 using IP emulation.
  • Socks 5: is a method of connecting socks 5 using IP emulation.
  • SSH: Proxy over SSH is an innovation that other anti-detect software does not have.
Manually enter proxy information

Alternatively, you can choose whether to import or run a random proxy history:

Choose proxy history or random dial


This feature is the default, and you should follow the software because the time zone is based on the IP address or proxy you are using. It guarantees the best for browser profiling.

The timezone in default mode

Besides, you can still manually enter the desired time zone without relying on the IP address or proxy.

Edit the time zone as desired


You should leave this feature by default by Hidemium. It allows setting WebRTC parameters based on IP address and proxy.

Default WebRTC
Default WebRTC

Or you can manually adjust the WebRTC address.

Manual WebRTC Tuning
Manual WebRTC Tuning


It is a feature that allows setting geolocation based on IP address, and proxy.

Geographical location
Geographical location

Geolocation also allows you to set your browser’s current location manually.

Manual geolocation setting
Manual geolocation setting

Allow feature: allows you to use the original location of your computer even when using a proxy or sock.

Permission to use the current location of the computer
Permission to use the current location of the computer

Block is a feature that blocks websites from reading your location from both the computer and the proxy.

Block websites from reading your location
Block websites from reading your location



  • Navigator
  • Font
  • Media Device
  • Hardware
  • Extension: This feature allows adding utilities to the profile system managed on Hidemium software. When using browsers like Google Chrome, we often add more attachments to make it faster each time we open it. Similar to Hidemium, the Extension feature is designed so that you can easily add it to any profile.
Extension in Multibrowser
Extension in Hidemium
  • Bookmarks
  • Autofill


  • In the Profiles section, you can quickly create (Quick Create) profiles or edit them as you like (Add Profile).
Customize profiles
  • Share Profile
  • Run CookieRobot

Create Folder

You will easily manage your work arrays with the Folders feature – dividing groups to operate. For example, you need to use Facebook and Gmail management accounts. Now, use the Folder feature to group separate Facebook and Gmail profiles. So every time you manage a task related to an account, you need to select the group and open it with a simple operation.

Create Folders for each group of profiles

To create a Folder, select Folder> Add Folder> Enter the name of the Folder you want to make (so that it is easy to manage)> Click Add.

How to create a Folder

After creating the Folder, go back to the Profiles section to select the Profile you want to add to that Folder.

In addition, you can Share permissions for other team members to manage work.

Share Folder
Share Folder

Import – Export and manage proxies in bulk

Hidemium is more convenient when developing a batch proxy management tool.

Manually enter each proxy
Manually enter each proxy
Batch import proxies
Batch import proxies

Once you have entered the list of proxies, you can return to the Profiles section to select the Profile you want to add a proxy to (as introduced in the New Profile > Proxy section above).

Besides, Hidemium also supports downloading the proxy list on the software with the Export feature in the Proxies section.

If you need to learn more about the Hidemium user manual, contact the team via: