Facebook has become a popular tool for companies, businesses, and brands to run ads effectively. However, many people run Facebook ads when the account is suddenly locked but do not know the cause. Let’s learn more about the problem of the locked ad account and the best solution through the following article!

The ad account is locked for what reason?

Suspected fraud

Because advertisers often use coupons or run “booms” too much, Facebook will be quite “sensitive” to Vietnamese users. Specifically, all unusual actions against your ads account are “locked” immediately.

Facebook locks your account to protect users from fraud. Therefore, building your ad account with certain credibility is necessary to avoid being unjustly locked and affecting your work.

Violation of Facebook advertising laws

Ảnh: The reason for the ad account being locked
Ảnh: The reason for the ad account being locked

Facebook advertising principles are essential for those who intend to run Facebook ads. These Facebook rules relate to the content and form of advertising and some unique items.

Before deciding to run ads on Facebook, you need to carefully read the terms that this platform regulates to avoid the case that your ad account is suddenly locked without knowing the reason.

Share advertising rights with other accounts that are not “clean”

Sharing advertising rights is entirely normal; this is a feature allowed by Facebook. However, you should note that you should not share permissions for accounts “running debt” or bills adding coupons to run. If these accounts are locked, it also leads to your main account being easily locked.

Facebook is extremely sensitive to “dirty” accounts. You must be careful if you share advertising rights for accounts that have been “snooped” for a long time. When sharing permissions, your account will be affected accidentally!

Make too many advertisements at once

What makes Facebook suspect that you are acting “abnormal.” Of course, Facebook is also extremely sensitive to this case. Therefore, you should divide the time to create a reasonable ad to be safe. Do not create too many ads at once; it will be easy to be “touched” by Facebook.

Uneven payment, owe money Facebook

Facebook automatically deducts money when the user’s outstanding balance reaches $ 25. Failure to make regular payments or owe Facebook cash for too long will reduce the “trust” of your account. If this happens continuously or owes Facebook money for a long time, your ad account will be locked.

How to prevent being locked out of an ad account?

How to fix the ad account lockout
How to fix the ad account lockout

The post will provide you with some of the following advice to lessen the likelihood that your ad account will be locked:

  • Do not run violations of policies such as copyright, trademark, etc.
  • Please add VISA in your name because adding a VISA in someone else’s name will be locked.
  • Do not use virtual VISA cards sold online; it is best to use ACB or VCB cards.
  • Limit adding many VISA to payment, determine which card to run, and add that card only.
  • Recharge and make a full payment to Facebook.
  • Do not apply discount codes (Facebook coupons) when the origin is unknown.
  • Don’t use tricks such as Increasing page/post likes, comments, or seeding with tools or mass apps on posts that run ads.
  • Do not log in to your Facebook account in many places in a short time or log in simultaneously at two far apart addresses.
  • Do not share ad accounts with others because if the person you share has a history of running “dirty” ads, it will affect your account.
  • Do not run ads for any Page that you do not know the origin of formation and development (if you run ads for hire, please note). Pages “dirty like” may affect, causing your ad account to be locked.
  • New accounts should only run with a small budget and then increase slowly, not an unusually large budget increase.

Using software that supports Hidemium

When you run ads on Facebook, your ad account will be given a unique ID number, called the ad account ID. These ID numbers can be helpful if you want to add an ad account to your business manager.

Manage Profiles

If you still want to create multiple ad accounts but are concerned about the problem of being locked out of your account in the middle, please refer to Hidemium software. This is a utility used by many MMO people, running ads with the following advantages:

  • Open different windows on IP at the same time right on the same computer.
  • Use the same account on many other browsers.
  • Use multiple profiles at the same time without having the same IP.
  • Run ads with different Gmail to camp without dying.

Above is an article that summarizes knowledge related to the problem of locked advertising accounts. If you want to be safer and faster, you can try installing Hidemium software to serve the job of running ads effectively.

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