Need to use multiple accounts or storefronts to service your online business? But usually, this will cause many dangers because of browser fingerprinting problems. So is there a way to optimize the management of these multiple accounts?

Benefits of running multiple accounts

Social networking and e-commerce platforms have become extremely popular in today’s internet world, and the trend of making money online has grown enormously. Contributing to this monetization, the use of multiple accounts is an essential part of:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Social media

An individual or an online business needs the flexibility of some storefront or profile. Running a single account on platforms like Facebook or Amazon isn’t a wise choice to stay competitive.

However, websites are utilizing more advanced techniques for browser fingerprinting. Therefore, multiple account manager may be difficult.

So what are the risks of running multiple accounts?

The account is banned for using connected multiple accounts

Indeed many people have encountered a “Your account has been suspended” situation when logging into their profile, worse when it is one of the best profiles. Consistency in your profile across different accounts results in accounts being linked. That, in turn, creates inconsistencies in your profile.

The IP address can be the first factor that exposes your browser fingerprint. Or it could be a combination of more sophisticated elements. Whatever the reason, when the information is leaked, it is only a matter of time before the account is closed.

Raised or purchased accounts are not guaranteed

Many people buy multiple accounts, but it is a high risk.

  • First, there is nothing to guarantee that the account was purchased, as the seller said. Do sellers often say those are clean accounts but are you sure it hasn’t been banned or blacklisted on some platforms?
  • The next concern was the IP address: many accounts used data center IPs, not residential IPs. Because they are easy to buy, they have the potential to be used for nefarious purposes.
  • The browser fingerprint will send a red flag when the account contains suspicious elements. For example, buying an account from the US, opening an account in a geographical location of Russia or India, and suddenly opening an account in China is a sign of suspicious activity.

Risks of group sharing

You will most likely encounter account banning issues if you are active in groups in different regions. For example, many agents use Hidemium, but there is no solution to handle multiple accounts.

You open an account of a Vietnamese customer in the US, then share it with a colleague in China. At that time, the browser fingerprint will be flagged for inconsistency, which can easily lead to banning your account. Even worse, your client’s account suffers the same fate.

The best way to manage multiple accounts

There are many possible risks when using multiple accounts, as analyzed above. So how do you best manage multiple accounts to help protect your activity against sudden bans?

Hidemium is a solid and stable enough solution to combat this situation. The software provides the most sophisticated and separate virtual browser profiles, making them not leak to each other. You can create perfect profiles with a unique and fully customizable browser fingerprint. They appear as an actual devices on 3rd party websites and platforms. View Hidemium usage plans now and find out more details!