1. What is iProxy.online?

iProxy.online is an Android application that allows you to set up a mobile proxy using your own phone. This means that the proxy will utilize the mobile internet on your phone, and the mobile proxy provider will match the proxy with one of your phone’s SIM cards.

For example: If your Android phone is in the United States – You will receive a mobile proxy for the United States.

2. How to set up proxies in Hidemium

2.1. Register a new account on iProxy.online.

2.2. Follow the instructions on the dashboard to install the application on Android and log in.

2.3. Copy the proxy login information from the dashboard.

Click on the connection name to view the link for changing the IP address.

Copy the proxy login information into Hidemium and verify.

3. Technical features of proxies created with iProxy.online:

  • Support for HTTP, SOCKS5, UDP protocols.
  • High speed.
  • Ability to change and rotate IP addresses.
  • API integration.
  • Telegram bot for notification and IP address change.
  • Traffic calculation.
  • Authorization via login/password or IP address.
  • DNS spoofing.
  • Activity notifications (if a proxy stops working, customers will be immediately notified).
  • Dedicated and friendly technical support team.