Hidemium software aim to protect users’ privacy by providing tools and features to manipulate and randomize the browser fingerprint.

As an MMO, have you ever experienced or are still experiencing revenue loss when advertising accounts or e-commerce stores are banned? Or spend a lot of time managing multiple social media accounts that are often locked?  

Functions of Hidemium software

If you do not know, here are the miracles that Hidemium can do:

Create a fingerprint that’s consistent (no leaks or mismatches) with your device

Antidetect Browsers
Create a profile with a random browser fingerprint
  • Store account information as a Chonium profile without logging in again.
  • Save the last session history and start it automatically when you open the browser next time.
  • Turn on – off all or optionally the number of profiles with just one click.
  • Group accounts for an easy management with the Folder creation feature.
  • Work in groups with the Share Profile feature to assign permissions to members.
  • Save time with a single import of multiple proxies.
  • Raise nick automatically, and increase trust with the feature of creating scripts and saving campaigns.
  • Safely pass BOT tests, and avoid being banned due to using multiple accounts: Generate a hard fingerprint code (each browser is a fingerprint, masquerading as different parameters: IP, Time Zone, Location Geography, Font, Media Device, Hardware, Operating System…).

With Hidemium software, you can easily manage thousands of secure accounts.

Manage multiple profiles easily

Why use the Profile Hidemium creation tool?

Advantages of the Profile Hidemium creation tool:

  • Quickly create Hidemium Profile Online and launch the browser.
  • Download and use offline on your computer without worrying about having to depend on Hidemium, errors, or losing your account.
  • Manage and edit data quickly, and move data between computers securely.
  • Easily integrate automated browser control tools, combining source codes like C#, Python, and Nodejs.
  • Affiliate integration makes money when recommending software to others.
Manage profiles by group

With these advantages, Hidemium software will help those who need to manage multiple social network accounts or perform multi-browser tasks such as MMO, Airdrop, Cheat, etc… Even plowing online games smoothly.

In particular, for Facebook, Gmail, Tiktok, Game accounts, etc., keeping it offline helps to protect the account from dying for unknown reasons.

+ Gmail you can register on Hidemium and feed them and feel free to use them if your Gmail information is complete.

+ Tiktok is a complex playground, but it is still possible to raise nicks on Hidemium. If you do a sub buff, drop a heart, or comment (manually), the nick is guaranteed to live.

+ Facebook must be too familiar and simple for you to raise.

+ In addition, we can comfortably increase other MMO acc such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy…

Can I use Hidemium for FREE?

If you need anti-browser software for work, use the mainstream Hidemium. Especially with up to 7 days for the trial, why not experience the Hidemium software immediately?

  • Operating systems: Windows, macOS
  • Price: From $5/month

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