A Suspended Google Adwords account adversely affects the work and business performance of the business when interrupting the advertising campaign. So how to fix and limit the suspension of your account in Google Adwords advertising? Let’s find out through the article!

Account suspension due to related errors violates Google Ads policies

1. Dodge the system

  • Modify the ad element (text, video, image, domain, or subdomain) to avoid detection.
  • Taking part in actions with the intention of avoiding or obstructing Google’s advertising systems and procedures
  • About actions that contravene the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

2. Collaborative acts of fraud

Collaborate with other websites or accounts, and conceal or misrepresent your identity or additional important information about yourself.

3. Counterfeiting

Products are described as cheap/premium imitations, copies, imitations, imitation images, or similar phrases when referring to the brand name to pretend to be the genuine product of the brand owner.

4. Advertisement of an illegal pharmacy

  • Providing prescription drugs without a prescription.
  • Advertise speculative or experimental medical treatments.
  • Ads for cell or gene therapy, regardless of approval status.

5. Unacceptable business methods

  • Making false statements, concealing or omitting crucial information about your identity, professional ability, etc.
  • Advertise free products or services when there may be a fee.
  • Ads employ click-through tactics or use stunning text/images to drive traffic.
  • Ads are confusing for users.
  • Modifying audiovisual content intends to deceive, deceive, or mislead many people.
  • The ad is not relevant to the landing page.
  • The product, service, or promotional offer promised in the ad is unavailable or found on the landing page.

6. Violations many times

If you have been locked many times before but continue to violate to get suspended, Google will handle it very seriously. Your account may be permanently locked in the future. If you still suspect Google has made a mistake, you can call their hotline for support or file a complaint.

Google ads account suspension due to billing and payment issues

Google Ads account is temporarily suspended
Google Ads account is temporarily suspended

1. Promo code abuse

Your account may be suspended if you try to sell promotional codes or use multiple promo codes for one account.

2. Request a refund
If you ask your bank or credit card issuer to reverse a paid fee into a proper Google Ads balance (aka request a refund), your account may be suspended. Just suddenly.

3. Suspicious payment activity
If fraudulent or suspicious payment activity is detected in an account, Google may limit the amount that the account can spend or suspend the current account. If you think this is a mistake, file a complaint.

4. Unpaid balance

If your account has one or more outstanding balances, it will most likely be suspended.

Google ads account suspension due to age requirement

Some Google services have specific age requirements, for example:

  • YouTube: When clicking on an age-restricted YouTube video, a warning screen appears, and only users 18 years of age or older can view the video.
  • Google Payments: For age requirements, you can see the Terms of Service for your region.
  • AdSense: 18 years or older
  • Google Ads: 18 years or older

If you think the account suspension or suspension was caused by mistake or the suspected violation is gone, contact Google support.

How to limit account suspension in the middle?

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  • Open many other IP windows at the same time right on one computer.

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