In response to feedback from our valued users and customers, we are excited to announce that our popular Multibrowser product will now be known as Hidemium.

We understand that the name of a product is crucial in conveying its purpose and value, and after careful consideration, we believe that Hidemium better represents the features and benefits of our browser.

Hidemium, reflects our commitment to providing a premium browsing experience while also prioritizing user privacy and security. Our browser offers advanced features such as ad-blocking, anti-tracking to help users browse the web without being tracked or monitored.

We assure our users and customers that the change in name will not impact the quality of our product or our commitment to providing the best possible browsing experience. Our team is dedicated to continually improving and updating Hidemium to ensure it remains the go-to browser for privacy-conscious users.

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope you enjoy using Hidemium as much as we do.